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Sunday, 23 January 2011 04:15

January & February

Premier sailfishing months!!!
Sailfishing is at it's best. Sailfish are considered by many to be the premiere game fish that swim in the Keys waters. Sailfish fishing Islamorada Style is unique in that most of our local captains use live bait and light tackle insuring an acrobatic fight and a lifelong memory. A few of the methods of fishing we use are Slow Trolling live bait, Kite Fishing, and Sight Fishing. The captains are in their Tuna Towers scouring the shallow water to find Sailfish feeding or swimming as the anglers or mate cast live baits to them.

Sailfish tournaments
We have sailfish tournaments almost every week.If you are interested in tournament fishing check out our event listings on this site and choose one of our listed Charter Boats to guide you to VICTORY !!

Slow trolling- live bait
This time of year we troll live bait (ballyhoos, pilchards, goggle-eyes, blue runners) on the edge of the reef in 80' to 150' foot of water. Our main target is sailfish, you will see these big fish pop up behind your boat chasing your bait around. This in itself is an awesome and exiting site. Catching these big fish on 20 lb spinning tackle is hands on action, as you hook one up, they will come out of the water, tail-walk and take most of your line in under a minute. It is not uncommon to hook up multiple fish at the same time. Most days other fish come into the spread such as mahi mahi, wahoo, blackfin tuna and kingfish. You can fish a down rod at different depths for kingfish, mutton snapper, and grouper.

Anchoring up - chumming
On the patches reefs 2 to 3 miles offshore in about 20' to 30' feet of water. You will find mutton, mangrove, yellowtail snapper, red grouper and cero mackerel.Out a little bit further on the edge of the reef in 65' to 95' you can catch the previously mentioned fish, larger yellowtail snapper, red and black grouper. Cero mackerel, kingfish, cobia, and sailfish are also caught while achcored up.

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