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March & April

Slow trolling- live bait

This time of year we still troll live bait (ballyhoos, pilchards, goggle-eyes,blue runners) on the edge of the reef 80' to 150' foot of water. We are still catching sailfish most days, and the kingfish bite has usually gotten very good. Some days there are schools of big wahoo that show up in the 50 lbs range. By changing up your live bait to speedos, you can get into some awesome bites of big wahoo and big smoker kingfish. You have a good chance of seeing mahi mahi up in the shallow water as well. Usually the bottom bite gets better for the mutton snapper and grouper.In April, the permit will show up in big schools, we have spots where we catch 20 lbs to 35 lbs permit. (These fish are catch and release, same as sailfish, please let them go)

Anchoring up - chumming

On the patch reefs 2 to 3 miles offshore in about 20' to 30' foot of water, you will find mutton, mangrove, yellowtail snapper, red grouper and cero mackerel. On the edge of the reef in 65' to 95', this time of year the water starts to warm back up. Depending on the direction of the current and color of the water, the yellowtail snapper bite can get really good. Using 12 pound spinning tackle, these are a great fighting and eating fish. You will also have bottom rods down for mangrove, mutton snapper, and various kinds of grouper. Kingfish will sometimes swim into your spread, and you will catch them as fast as you can throw a bait out. Awesome time on 20 lb spinning tackle!

Offshore trolling - lures or rigged baits

This time of year, we start to venture offshore. We usually fish from the edge of the reef to about 12 miles offshore. On a full day charter, you can fish part of the day on the reef and part offshore, mixing up your day. When trolling offshore, we are catching tuna, wahoo, sailfish,and the mahi mahi are starting to show up.o some days we troll on out looking to find dolphin,wahoo,tuna and sailfish the dolphin can start to show up . The closer we get to May, the better the mahi mahi fishing gets. Offshore on the humps, the big amberjack,50 lbs and up are usually biting well. Blackfin tuna in the 5 lb to 30 lb range are also congregating near the humps. Deep dropping for tasty deepwater species is another option. If you are looking to catch and release a big shark; tiger, bull, and hammerhead sharks show up this time of year. They can weigh from 100 lb to 1000 lbs.


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