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May, June, July, & August

Offshore trolling - lures or rigged baits
This time of year we will spend most of our time offshore searching for mahi mahi. We will be trolling and looking for birds, current edges, weedlines, and floating debris. When we find one of these indicators of fish, it goes from fishing to catching. Most days we will find multiple schools of fish, and load the fish box.

Schoolie Dolphin - these fish will run in the 5 lbs to 10 lbs range. There can be anywhere from 10 to 300 fish in a school. If they are moving, the captain will follow them. When you hook them up, you keep a couple in the water, and the school will usually stay with you. Keep in mind we are using 12 to 20 pound spinning tackle for these fish, so when you get into a school, all hell breaks loose.

Gaffer Dolphin - theses fish will also run in big schools, ranging from 10 lbs to 20 lbs. You still will be using 20 lb spinning tackle, so theses fish will take a little longer to get in boat. The difference is your arms will be a little more tired.

Slammer Dolphin - these fish run from 25 lbs up to 80 lbs. We catch theses fish throughout the summer, some days there are a lot of them pouring through. A lot of times they are in schools of 2 - 10 fish. When we hook one of these big trophies, we start casting 30 pound spinning tackle at the followers. This is the ultimate mahi mahi fishing experience.

Dolphin tournaments - We have Dolphine tournaments almost every week.If you are interested look up the tournament schedule on the site, and book one of the captains for a great day and a chance to win big.

Wahoo - sometimes by themselves or in schools under debris.

Blackfin tuna - migrating schools or on the humps.

White marlin, blue marlin, spearfish, sailfish - we catch these while trolling the waters offshore of Islamorada.

Swordfish - day or night.

Tripletail - under debris.

Permit - back in close to shore.

Amberjack and sharks - on the humps.

Anchoring up - chumming
On the patch reefs, 2 to 3 miles offshore in about 20' to 30' foot of water, you will find mutton, mangrove and yellowtail snapper, red grouper and cero mackerel.

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